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U5GIG’s Mission

U5GIG’s Mission: UAE to participate in developing of the emerging 5G and IoT Systems of 2020+, inspired by H.H vision for UAE innovation.

It is a practical contribution to the nation by participating in the development of the next 5G mobile technology and IoT evolution and become technology developer instead of technology adaptors only.

U5GIG’s Objectives

Play a key role in H.H initiative for Science, Technology & Innovation and Dubai Future Accelerators.

Participate in the standardization (3GPP/ITU) and generate essential IPR in the emerging 5G technology.

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U5GIG will be a consortium of industrial and academic organizations in UAE as well as telecom infrastructure/chipset vendors and test equipment suppliers.

We will build a UAE 5G and IoT innovation lab at DSO at Techno Hub 2 to be the core of the U5GIG.

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U5GIG Lab layout at DSO Techno Hub 2, Dubai

U5GIG Lab layout at DSO Techno Hub 2, Dubai

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