What is U5GIG ?

  • 5G and IoT is the catalyst for the transformation of our society, enabling future smart homes, cities, countries and eventually the planet.

    Bridge the gap between telecom industry and academia

    U5GIG puts UAE at forefront of mobile innovation and at the heart of networking development.

    The U5GIG would allow the UAE to effectively compete with the advanced markets – such as South Korea – that spurred 4G development and are trying to do the same with 5G.

    To bring UAE’s voice to the technology development debate.

    Thanks to U5GIG, UAE shall be the only nation in Middle East to participate in the development of 5G technology.

    The UAE can be a major industry development leader and we can only do this through collaboration between industry and academia.

    The ability to develop and demonstrate state of the art technologies in UAE gives us the ability to reach out to industry. It’s a new way of developing the telecom market.

    A clear opportunity to use the U5GIG to benefit businesses, particularly when it comes to establishing verticalised IoT business cases for 5G networking.

    We plan to work closely with suppliers and SMEs and eventually train future UAE academic and industry leaders.

    The true impact of 5G will come from the innovative IoT applications the new network will enable.