Use Case

Smart Agriculture

This project set predictions and warnings about agriculture events can be useful for optimizing crop yields and therefore having following benefits:

  • saving time and money to the agriculture business owners.
  • Predict parameters that would have effects on crop growth so that farmers could be warned about threats to their yield.
  • Gathering data and develop prediction models in matter of crops yield or adverse conditions.
  • Weather station measuring the wind speed, wind direction and rain. These parameters are important to monitor in various stages of the entire growth chain of crops.

Benefits analysis of Smart Agriculture

  • Save time because farmer do not need to spend many minutes a day (hours in a week!) into the field to control the crop status.
  • More confident since farmer decisions are based on real data, which is constantly collected and elaborated from the system.
  • Save money and energy reducing water daily supply up to the 30% after planting and around the 15% during harvest.
  • Maintain high and constant quality standards that increase the loyalty of the consumer and allow selling with a constant price all along the harvesting period (around 3.5-4.5 euro/kg for product directly sell).